Tile Stickers - 5 Creative Ways to Style Your Home on Budget!

Hello everyone! If you have been following us on Instagram this past week you will appreciate that we have been OBSESSED with tile stickers! We think they are by far the most value-for-money objective one can obtain for an instant home makeover. These tile stickers are not only affordable, but also easy to apply and removable. Plus a water/ oil/ heat proof feature, they are just perfect for all scenarios.
Kitchens and bathrooms are the 2 spaces in your home that you would use tile stickers most. We all know replacing tiles is neither an easy or cheap job, it could take days or even weeks to get it done properly. But with these tile stickers, you can change the look of your kitchen or bathroom in just a few hours time. 
Original black and white tiles that screams dull!Replaced with blue and white mediterrian style tile stickers can brighten up your kitchen in no time.
*Applying the blue and white mediterranian style tile stickers gives an exotic touch.
*Adding a set of monotone morrocan style tile stickers to countertop
Applying tiles stickers on bathroom floor
*Enhancing the look of your bathroom with different sets of tile stickers
Yes, that's right! You can use tile stickers on any type of flat surfaces, and you'll be surprise how great they'll look. 
If you're a more subtle person, and don't want to be overwhelmed by patterns, you can still enjoy styling your furniture piece in a toned down manner with our tile stickers as in the following examples. Don't limit yourself, be inspired! 
If you live in a multi story home than adding vibrancy through tile stickers can also be an interesting option. What better way to enliven your vertical living space than through the dymanism of patterns and colors especially if your overall decor is coordinated to enhance the area right around your staircase.
Another interesting area we see that can be immediately improved would be the area leading to the fire place and the fireplace itself. A number of interesting options exist here as we can see through the photos. The makeover we are demonstrating not only adds depth to a specific area but to an extended setting as well, thus allowing you to better highlight any decorative pieces you wish to showcase.
Small Items: Trays/ Pots
Last but not least, a more unconventional way that most people wouldn't think of immediately, is to accessorize smaller items with these tile stickers! 
Don't be afraid to use your imagination and creative mind, give your home a pop of color through these self adhesive tile stickers! And the best thing is, they are 100% removable. Follow these simple steps and start your make over in no time!
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