We are very aware of the legitimate concerns held by customers of Apartment 201 about COVID-19. We are  addressing on this page our response to some common questions: 

Will the delivery time for my order be affected?

While we do provide our best-estimated delivery date for your order, all carriers have removed guaranteed delivery within a specific time frame. We expect to see a minimum 5 to 7 business days delay due to limited international flights and delivery issues in the destination country. For the most accurate information regarding deliveries to your area, we recommend checking with your local carriers and/or governments to see if deliveries may be restricted or disrupted, affecting the estimated delivery date for your order.

Are there any special measures Apartment 201 is taking to help prevent the community spread of COVID-19?

Yes. We are strongly encouraging all Apartment 201 employees to work from home, canceled/postponed any work travel, and asked that Apartment 201 employees self-quarantine for two weeks after any personal travel. We are also in contact with the companies that fulfill and ship orders placed on Apartment 201 to ensure precautions are being taken to help prevent the potential spread of COVID-19.